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Symptom Screening

Q: Is symptom screening required before agency onsite employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors come to the workplace?

A: If federal employees, onsite contractor employees, or visitors have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they should not enter a federal workplace.

Federal employees and contractors working on site should regularly complete virtual or in-person health checks (ask about symptoms, close contact with someone with SARS-CoV-2 infection, and SARS-CoV-2 testing and diagnosis status). The agency will use this information to assess the individual’s risk level and to determine whether the individual should be allowed entry to the workplace. Visitors may be asked to complete symptom screening before entering a federal facility. In developing these tools, agencies may adapt the one developed by CDC.

Q: If a facility’s FSC votes to adopt symptom screening criteria and procedures at the entrances to a GSA-controlled facility, how are those services acquired, and who pays?

A: Once the FSC votes to adopt these “Enhanced Entry Screening Services” (EESS), the occupant agencies have provided the required funding, and an enforcement strategy is developed, the GSA project team will determine an appropriate acquisition strategy, in consultation with the FSC, using GSA's EESS procurement resources, and acquire the services. In leased facilities, these activities must also be coordinated with the lessor. Occupant agencies are required to provide funding for these services based on their pro rata share of the facility’s rentable square footage.

Q: Are GSA’s EESS procurement resources available for use in facilities managed by agencies other than GSA?

A: Yes, GSA’s EESS procurement resources are available for use by federal agencies managing a GSA-controlled facility under an operation and maintenance delegation issued by GSA and federal agencies managing facilities under their own independent landholding authority.